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FAQ: Heartbleed Bug  

What is the Heartbleed Bug?

Heartbleed is a flaw in the programming on secure websites that could put your personal information at risk, including passwords, credit card information and e-mails. The Heartbleed Bug is a defect in encryption technology – called Open SSL – used by most Web servers to secure users’ personal or financial information. It is behind many “https” sites that collect personal or financial information. Basically, it provides a secure connection when you are conducting a transaction or sending an e-mail online. Experts discovered the bug recently and warned that cybercriminals could exploit it to access visitors' personal data or to impersonate a website and collect even more information. 

Am I affected?

Most active users of the Internet have likely been exposed, since a majority of websites – including Facebook, retail and even government sites – use the Open SSL software. But it is unknown whether any criminals have actually exploited the bug, and several major sites, like Amazon, have already installed patches. Most sites with an address beginning with “https” are vulnerable until the website operator fixes the bug and users change their passwords. NSCCU has been assured that all Open SSL lines have had the patch installed.

Is my online account safe?

Yes, consumers are always protected from any unauthorized transactions. Let NSCCU know immediately if you suspect any unusual activity.

NSCCU is monitoring your accounts. We use many different systems to protect customers’ information including rigorous security standards, encryption, and fraud detection software. 

What can I do?

NSCCU STRONGLY SUGGESTS you change your Anytime Online password immediately. And, as always, it is a good idea to update your online password every few months. Also, monitor your account regularly and report suspicious transactions to us immediately. Beware of phishing scams – or e-mails with malicious links – that will attempt to get additional sensitive information from you. 

What is NSCCU doing?

We are aware of the concerns surrounding the “Heartbleed Bug” (OpenSSL vulnerability) and are assessing all systems to determine if any possess the OpenSSL vulnerability.  If the vulnerability is identified on any systems, corrective action will be taken to mitigate the risk as soon as possible. 


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Health Savings Accounts Available

Do you have a high deductible health insurance policy? Plan for your health costs by contributing to a Health Savings Account.  Contact your local office for more information. 

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NSCCU and Bek Sports

North Star Community Credit Union has joined BEK Sports as a major sponsor to show our support to local sporting events.

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Rate Monitor

Type Term Rates
Consumer 1-12 Months Rates As Low As 2.49%apr
Consumer 13-24 Months Rates As Low As 3.09%apr
Consumer 25-36 Months Rates As Low As 3.49%apr
Consumer 37-48 Months Rates As Low As 3.99%apr
Consumer 49-60 Months Rates As Low As 4.39%apr
HELOC Rates As Low As 4.25% apr Variable Rate
Residential Real Estate See Your Loan Officer 4.79%apr
Secondary Market See Your Loan Officer
Unsecured Rates As Low As 4.39%apr
Checkmate 15.00%apr
Platinum Preferred VISA with Scorecard Reward Points 11.00%apr
Business VISA with ScoreCard Reward Points 11.00%apr
Platinum VISA 9.00%apr
Classic VISA 11.00%apr
Rates Effective as of 2-1-2014
Regular Shares .10% .10%
Star Savings .10% .10%
Automatic Star Savings .10% .10%
Gold Star Savings Whole Balance At:
$0-$10,000 .10%
$10,000.01-$25,000 .15%
$25,000.01-$50,000 .20%
$50,000.01-$75,000 .25%
$75,000 and up .30%
Gold Star Checking Whole Balance At:
$0-$4,999.99 .01%
$5,000-$14,999.99 .05%
$15,000-$24,999.99 .10%
$25,00 and up .15%
HSA Account .10% .10%
IRA .40% .40%
Effective as of 01-01-2014
Term Min. Balance RATE APY
3 Month $500 .10% .10%
6 Month $1000 .20% .20%
12 Month $1000 .40% .40%
15 Month $100 .40% .40%
18 Month $1000 .55% .55%
24 Month $1000 .60% .60%
36 Month $1000 .85% .85%
37 Month $1000 .70% .70%
48 Month $1000 1.05% 1.05%
60 Month $1000 1.30% 1.30%
12 Month IRA CD-Traditional/Roth/Coverdell $1000 .55% .55%
24 Month IRA CD-Traditional/Roth/Coverdell $1000 .75% .75%
60 Month IRA CD-Traditional/Roth/Coverdell $1000 1.395% 1.40%
Rates Effective as of 09/30/2013
Machinery/Livestock See Your Loan Officer
Farm Operating See Your Loan Officer
Breeding Stock See Your Loan Officer
Ag Operating Loans Variable See your loan officer.

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